Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Suspended Factories

In the Alliance Members Agreement (Section 1.1), member companies agree to “work with factories that ensure a safe working environment, with each Member committing not to source from any Factory that the Member has deemed to be unsafe.

The Alliance has developed an internal escalation process to assist members in determining the safety of the factories from which they source. This escalation process allows our team to notify factories when they are falling behind in one or more program areas and make attempts to get the factories back on track. See our factory status page for more details on factory progress in our core program areas. If factories do not properly engage throughout escalation and/or make enough progress, factories will eventually be removed from the Alliance compliant factory list – these factories are labeled “Suspended”.

The 180 factories listed below have been suspended from the Alliance compliant factory list because of their lack of progress in one or more Alliance programs, thereby failing to make progress in ensuring a safe working environment. If suspended factories wish to reestablish participation in the Alliance process, they will need to undergo a new inspection at their own cost.

Key Documents

Suspended Factory Reactivation Policy
Explains the process and requirements for a suspended factory to be reactivated into the Alliance program.

Escalation Overview
Explains the process when factories fall behind in one or more Alliance requirements and become at risk of suspension.

Factory Name  Address  Reason  Date


Factories may not be able to make necessary remediations of their buildings either for physical constraints or because they do not own the building. Factories that are unable to remediate for these reasons often move to new locations where they can meet the Alliance Standard. The following are locations of factories that were suspended by the Alliance, closed by factory management, and then reopened in new locations where they are actively participating with the Alliance.

Address  Reason  Date


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