Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Alliance Statement on Rana Plaza Fourth Anniversary


DHAKA, Bangladesh (April 24, 2017) – Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse—a heartbreaking disaster that claimed the lives of 1,134 workers, left thousands injured and forever changed Bangladesh’s garment industry. In honor of the victims and their families, we pause today to reflect and recommit ourselves to the important mission of ensuring that no garment worker in Bangladesh risks his or her life to make a living.

In the immediate aftermath of one of the country’s darkest days, member companies came together to form the Alliance—embarking on an ambitious initiative to improve factory safety, equip workers with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves, and empower them to demand change.

Nearly four years later, our comprehensive programs have begun to transform an industry once repeatedly touched by tragedy. Many of our factories have achieved substantial completion of their Corrective Action Plans. Those unwilling or unable to prioritize safety have been held accountable. Millions of workers now have basic fire safety skills and access to our confidential Helpline. Worker safety committees have been established. And most importantly, our efforts have directly translated into lives saved: not a single garment worker has perished in an Alliance factory since our remediation work began.

In the months that follow, we will continue to work tirelessly to achieve completion on remaining high-priority factory repairs, protect our advancements in worker safety and empowerment, and ensure that our critical reforms are sustained and managed responsibly in the long term.

We owe it to the workers, families, and communities devastated by Rana Plaza—and to the millions of men and women working in Bangladesh’s garment industry.



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