Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety


Four More Factories Achieve Substantial Completion of their Corrective Action Plans, Alliance Suspends Operations in Four Others


DHAKA, Bangladesh - The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety announced today that four Alliance-affiliated factories completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans during the month of August, and the Alliance has suspended operations with four factories for failure to show evidence of remediation progress.

“We are pleased to welcome Reliance Box Industries (PKG), Radial International Ltd (Units 1 & 2), Mastrade International Garments Ltd and M/S Standard Group Ltd to our growing list of factories that have completed the repairs we required as part of the remediation process,” said Alliance Country Director Jim Moriarty. “And in suspending four additional factories from the Alliance compliant list, we reiterate our no-tolerance policy for factory inaction when it comes to workplace safety.”

The Alliance performs independent inspections on the structural, electrical and fire safety of all factories from which its members source. Each factory is then provided with a Corrective Action Plan designed to help it address safety issues and achieve compliance with Alliance safety standards. The Alliance also provides technical advice and access to low-cost loans to assist factories with remediation.

To date the Alliance has cut ties with a total of 95 non-compliant factories, and 38 factories have completed the critical repairs outlined in their CAPs. Across all active Alliance factories, 59 percent of all safety issues have been corrected.

More information on our suspension process can be found in the Alliance Members Agreement, and the complete list of suspended factories can be found here.


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